I. The man God uses is the man who has but one chased a vacant lot for speculative purposes, but great purpose in life. after my ordination I sold it as quickly as. By John Avanzini. Abel Press.. The Apostle John bears witness to this fact 3 John 2. Best of all Rich God Poor The Richest Man In Babylon. Man God Uses, was to preserve this classic work for the benefit of others. Though .. The man God uses is the man who has learned how to prevail in prayer.

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    The Man God Uses Pdf

    The Man God Uses by Oswald J. Smith - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. The Man GOD uses by Oswald J. Smith. Oswald J. Smith: The Man God Uses. Saved! Saved! Saved! My sins are all forgiv' n;. Christ is mine! I'm on my way to heav'n;. Once a guilty sinner, lost, undone. I. INTRODUCTION: 1. God has always used men in every generation. 2. God is always looking for a man to use, not methods, plans, systems, organizations, but .

    Shelves: religion Straightforward read and guidance on creating the focus of living up to the role God wants to use you in. Good examples from the Bible of other men God has used, how, and why, and how to apply that usage in our current existence. Feb 06, Wavey Cowpar rated it it was amazing Succinct, clear, short and good. Chuck uses the story of the early church to discover and expound on what sort of person we should strive to be to be used by God. What sort of character and openness we can have that allows God to use is effectively Apr 28, Kyle Knell rated it really liked it Good, sound, biblical advice on following God. Very familiar Scriptures, not much new material, but solid godly advice. Apr 27, Lonzo Sheffield rated it really liked it Solid book. I appreciate that Chuck Smith was an example of this book as well. The book is short and I received some quality quotes to ruminate on. Jan 12, Michael Krauszer rated it liked it Very basic and very simple, but can be a great foundation for everyone.

    PDF The Man God Uses 14 Characteristics of a Godly Man Full PDF Onlin…

    Is he thoroughly educated? Is he a fine singer? Is he eloquent in prayer? Can he talk much?

    Is he holy? Does he love much? Is he willing to walk by faith, and not by sight?

    Will he be weary and faint when I correct him and try to fit him for greater usefulness? Job Or is he stubborn and self-willed, like the horse and the mule, which have to be held in with bit and bridle Psa. Is he meek and lowly in heart and humble? God and that man will have such a friendly understanding with each other, and such mutual sympathy and love and confidence that they will at once become "workers together" 2 Cor.

    Paul was such a man, and the more they whipped him and stoned him and tried to rid the earth of him, the more God used him. At last they shut him up in prison, but Paul declared with unshaken faith, "I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the Word of God is not bound" 2 Tim.

    Neither devils nor men could put shackles on it, but it pierced right through the prison walls, and flew across oceans and continents and down through the long centuries, bearing the glorious tidings of the blessed Gospel, overthrowing thrones and kingdoms and powers of evil, and everywhere bringing light and comfort and salvation to dark, troubled, sinful hearts.

    Oh, how surprised Paul will be when he receives his final reward at the general judgment day, and enters into possession of all the treasures he has laid up in Heaven and the everlasting inheritance prepared for him!

    Poor, troubled soul, cheer up! Be of good courage!

    You think you are useless, but you do not know. Trust God! Paul saw dark days. The Bible doctrine of Sanctification may have been bandied about by eradicationists, but it, bears a message that saints surely need.

    The Man God Uses by Oswald J. Smith

    Sanctification is the will of God, There is no excuse for the Christian to live in subjection to either the world, the flesh, or the devil. The Holy Spirit came as the promise of the Father in answer to the needs of the Church. The Spirit came to abide for the age. The key to the Spirit-filled life is yieldedness. He fills. A definite, and conscious filling with the Spirit results in a new and gracious manifestation of the choicest of divine graces in the daily walk.

    Man God Uses

    They precede in the sense that the Spirit will All only the life that is, in its purpose and desire, separated from the world, cleansed from conscious sinning and dedicated unto God. They follow the filling of the Spirit in the sense that the attitude of Separation and Scriptural Sanctification is potentially possible only after the Spirit has taken control.

    Separation is vital to every normal Christian life. The task of the Church—-What is it? According to human speculation it is one thing; according to divine revelation it is quite another. The Church has no. He does not concede of Christianity as a creed to be memorized and care- fully shelved for Sunday worship.

    He conceives of Christianity as a Life created by and centred in a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and put to use for that Person in a world steeped in sin but sought by One mighty to save. We commend the book and its message.

    It should be read, and afterward translated into Christian life and service.

    Chicago, Ill. Prince Nornor-Quadzi. Ebenezer Anand. Adrian Sima.

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